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The Membership of the network is divided into three (3) categories:

  1. General
  2. Premium
  3. Corporate

While the general members join totally free, Premium members are verified members of the network that enjoy the privileges of recommendations and other benefits of membership.

Premium membership of this network is not automatic but is gained by entrepreneurs through these simple steps:

  1. Express intention to join the network by filling out the form
  2. The Centre will verify claims made in the expression of interest form
  3. Applications will be accepted from businesses verified by the Centre
  4. Successfully verified businesses will be admitted upon payment of an annual subscription fee.

Benefits of Network Membership:

  1. Access to a network of 5,000 business owners, with each business giving at least 5% discount on all their products and services to members.
  2. Access to information about authentic businesses and safeguards against fraudsters and fraudulent businesses
  3. Enterprise information is a necessity for business success. We provide you an invaluable and time-saving platform that shares verified industry-specific information
  4. Visibility to genuine, international corporate brands in search of authentic business owners in Nigeria as partners and agents
  5. At least one free training  and capacity building program for network members will be offered by the IDEAS Training Center.

Do not wait to be told of further benefits you stand to gain. Join the IDEAS Business Network by filling and submitting the following Expression of Interest form. Growth and Success are guaranteed!

Business Network Application Form